Volvo Launches V90 Cross Country Wagon, the First Ever Kind

V90 Cross Country Wagon

Volvo has launched the 2017 V90 Cross Country Wagon, the first ever kind from the automobile manufacturer.

Photos of the car set in the backdrop of the Colorado mountains was revealed today by the brand.

 Volvo V90 Cross Country

The auto manufacturer has started exploring their strength in other areas beyond the models that are already available in the stores. They have been launching exquisite sedans but there was never a cross country wagon in the lineup until now. A good car is supposed to have great ground clearance and increased capability. From the tech specs revealed by Volvo, the new V90 should be strong in all these areas and offer more so as to stay ahead of competition.

The brand new launch is designed to ideally sit between the XC90 and the V90. When it fills a gap between a SUV and a wagon, it is supposed to be a hybrid and the cross country model is obviously a hybrid car as it does a lot of things at the same time. The newly announced model is exceptionally large in size offering space for multiple passengers as well as some heavy cargo for a round-the-country trip.

Volvo has confirmed that the V90 cross country wagon will be manufactured in Sweden and is expected to go on sale next year, in the month of March. It will be available in multiple locations like Zurich, Switzerland, Malmo and Colorado. The pricing of the car has been confirmed to be $56, 295.

Under the hood, the wagon is powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. The T6 version of the powertrain generates about 316 horsepower with 295 lb feet of torque while the T5 version’s numbers will be slightly lower. All engines use an eight speed transmission system. The front grille is stylish, newly presented with the popular Thor’s hammer headlights.

V90 Cross Country Wagon

For a comfortable ride, the engineers have equipped the V90 wagon with wider and softer wheels. They absorb the extra bump generated by uneven roads. Volvo’s CEO in North America believes that the brand will sell at least 5,000 wagons every year. There is a huge demand for these models in the U.S. that has prompted the company to experiment in a completely new sector.

A stylish interior in the V90 will use black walnut finished dashboard, pearl stitching in the seats and to support Apple Car Play for easy connectivity. The new wagon marks the fourth generation vehicle from the house of Volvo.

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