All PS4 Slim and Neo Rumors Rounded Up For You

All PS4 Slim and Neo

Sony is about to launch two different versions of the PS4 console.

One is a slimmer version of the existing model and Neo will be a much powerful version capable of handling games at high resolution with better graphics.

The current console generation was very short than expected. Microsoft has already announced the new Xbox Scorpio console and refreshed the existing lineup with Xbox One S. Sony is about to do the same but instead of one, they have two consoles. The new Playstation 4 Slim will get rid of its italic design, be slimmer in design and has a straight finish. The picture was leaked on NeoGaf but Sony representatives refused to comment on such rumors.

A big Playstation event is about to take place on September 7th and there is no better place to announce the PS4 slim and the PS4 Neo than this. Besides, the holiday season is fast approaching and the company has to quickly bring the hardware to stores so as to witness some great sales. Microsoft’s Xbox One S is coming out at the same time and is already out of stock with some major retailers including Amazon.

PS4 console

Many expected the company to talk about the new hardware at E3 2016. However, it was Microsoft that grabbed the attention of gamers by announcing their new consoles. Sony is about to host the Playstation event a week before the Tokyo game show scheduled to take place in the month of September.

According to previous statement, the PS4 Neo console will bring important changes including better graphical hardware with full 1080p support, 4K video playback, HDR and speedier processing to make the console experience enjoyable. The PS4 slim however may not receive any hardware upgrades and will focus on being a slimmer Playstation 4 console. It delivers the same experience and probably aimed at buyers who want console gaming at the cheapest possible pricing.

The mid-cycle hardware upgrade is essential for both Sony and Microsoft before they unleash the big guns next year. Almost all Xbox One exclusives are coming to PCs which might make some buyers go for a PS4 slim and a new PC setup but it is a highly debatable topic. Setting up gaming PCs is no easy task and Microsoft believes bringing exclusives to Windows 10 will boost their sales but not hurt Xbox hardware sales by any means. We will know it by the end of the year.

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