There’s a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for Batman Lovers Coming Soon

Galaxy Note 7 Injustice Edition

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is less than a month old following its debut earlier this month, however, the Korean company is already working on an exclusive edition for Batman lovers.

Like the Galaxy S7 Edge Injustice Edition, there’s word of a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Injustice Edition in the works. The information comes courtesy of leaked photos that depict a Batman-themed version of the Note 7, something that should be a great addition to Batman fans’ collection.

The photos show a Galaxy Note 7 phone that has been shed in jet black color featuring golden highlights like what you see with the Galaxy S7 Edge Injustice Edition. Furthermore, the rear of the phone has a Batman logo. It gets even more interesting as potential buyers of this exclusive phablet will also get a chance to interact with a special Batman theme that is based off the game (Injustice: Gods Among Us).

Now that we have gotten our eyes on the Batman edition of the Galaxy Note 7, the main question that many will be asking is when and where can this phone be bought? Looking back at the exclusive Galaxy S7 Edge Injustice Edition, don’t expect to get the Galaxy Note 7 Injustice Edition on the cheap. Anyone looking to get a new Batman-themed Galaxy S7 Edge should be ready to spend no less than $1000 on the phone. As for the Galaxy Note 7 Injustice Edition, the price could go even higher considering that the standard models of the two handsets are $100 apart in terms of pricing.

Galaxy Note 7 Injustice Edition

As for the where, it is possible that Samsung will follow the same direction as it took with the S7 Edge version, which only sells in China as at the time of this writing. Specs-wise, it is said that this variant will pack a huge 6GB RAM and onboard storage of 128GB, something that is not new to the Chinese market.

Samsung has not mentioned a thing about this, but there have been rumors of a special Galaxy Note 7 being lined up for the Chinese market and the specs match the latest report. Whether this exclusive edition of the Note 7 will come to life sooner than later can only be told with time.

Would you get a Batman-themed Galaxy Note 7 if it is indeed released? Let us know your thoughts.

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