PS4 VR Requires Plenty Of Space to Enjoy Optimal Gaming Experience

PS4 VR Requires Plenty Of Space

Sony’s brand new PS4 VR is an innovative device which is designed to allow players to enjoy an immersive gaming experience.

The company has released a FAQ and requirements page to detail the things you need in order to enjoy an optimal gaming setup. The spacing is going to play an important role in determining whether you feel awesome or just cramped. Sony suggests that in order to use PS4 VR there should be at least 60 square foot area. Even though players are going to be seated when they play the game, the space is suggested to ensure they are not obstructed by walls.

One of the biggest cons about virtual reality headset is that they may you feel nauseate. Sony suggests that they have setup multiple PS4 VR points around the country. One can choose to walk in, wear the headset and see how they feel playing before purchasing one. It is not a simple console that every person could strap on and start gaming. Such a versatile machine might be out in the near future but right now it’s still in its beta stage.


“There are very minor differences when you view 3D graphics wearing a VR headset. It the PS VR makes use of 3D technology to render a world that is as realistic as it could get. You could try the headset at many of the events taking place or at the shops. The hardware will be available for you to individually experience and see if it fits you before making the purchase,” reads an official statement.

Playstation 4 is the only console which could support this hardware at the moment. There is no word on the resolution, frame rates or graphics quality that the VR headset would display. With the hardware limitations on the PS4 console, we can say that it is not going to break any records. Maybe, if the new PS4.5 or the next gen PS5 console could truly justify virtual reality gaming.

People with glasses can use PS4 VR headset but however, according to the FAQ section their experience would vary. The sectional also explains how the social screen, mirroring mode and separate mode works. A cinematic mode lets players project the content on a large screen to enjoy gaming from a whole new perspective. The headset is only for people above 12 years of age and is priced at $399. Driveclub is going to be the launch title in Japan.

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