Uncharted 4 Realism Expected In Movie, Team Hires A New Screenwriter

Uncharted 4 Game

Recreating the experience a video game delivers on the big screen is difficult.

Ubisoft is trying it with its Assassin’s Creed movie while Naughty Dog has its own film based on Uncharted 4 and previous games in the series.

The movie is under development for a long time now, probably a year or so. The production house and Naughty Dog has been modifying multiple aspects of the film to get the best out of it. Besides, they have millions of Uncharted 4 fans and longtime lovers of the series. It is the most played game on Sony’s Playstation console similar to how Halo is for Microsoft’s Xbox machines.

Newest update is that the movie based on the game is getting a new screenwriter. Joe Carnahan is going to be in charge of the department as he will play an integral role in leading the team to its perfect Hollywood iteration. The screenwriter has already worked in some notable films like A-Team, Narc and the Grey.

Uncharted 4

Most of these films are action packed which gives Carnahan the advantage against other screenplay writers. He has already handled characters similar to Nathan Drake who loves to walk into unknown territories and come out with flying colors. Uncharted 4 is most probably the setting for the movie as it is more recent and gives the character better scope than his earlier games.

Rumors claim that the PS4 exclusive Uncharted 4 is going to be the last in the series. Naughty Dog, the development team is planning to work on a new IP so as to keep the hype going with the next gen PS4.5 or maybe the PS5 console. It is time to give Nathan Drake a break as they have done so many versions of him.

Last of Us is an amazing entry from Naughty Dog and there will most probably be a sequel to the title set in the same world. However, Uncharted series will be given a break on the Playstation console. The same cannot be said about movie theaters as they are going to witness Drake’s adventure for the first time. Multiple people have picked up the project but none managed to bring it to silver screen.

If you are a die-hard fan of the series, just hope that they will deliver it by 2017 or later. It should be a worthy transition like how Tomb Raider made it to the big screen with Angelina Jolie.

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