Public Beta Versions for iOS 10 and the MacOS Sierra – Sign Up for a Pre Release Spin

iOS 10

Apple recently released the public beta version for the iOS 10 and the macOS Sierra in the yearly WWDC last month.

Developers were allowed to test the preview build of the two software versions for one month and now the company has asked the public also to join the registered developers.

Open to Public

From the 7th of July, Apple is allowing the public to test both these operating systems. Compatible Apple iPhones and iPads as well as iPods can now avail the download. However, those interested in testing the beta version have to enroll their devices for the beta program.

A public beta build is generally more stable when compared to the developer build. However, it might be risky to install the new beta version on to your premier device. Anyway, all users have to restore the operating system and re install it using the retail builds when it is available in September.

Early Access

Apple is allowing early access to those users who are ready to be faced with any bugs or some instability in the operating system, during this testing period. They can register their devices and then download the iOS 10 or the macOS Sierra for their iPhones and  he Mac. For signing up to the beta program, users can access the and sign up with their Apple ID.

MacOS Sierra

Spelling Out the Risks

However, the beta version will be buggy. The public is being allowed to test the new features on their devices months prior to the platform being released to all. There is some risk in downloading the software, but some users might feel that the risk is well worth it.

If the beta is being offered publicly, it obviously means that the basic code is not unstable and is ready for a wider testing. Apple, however, has spelt out all the risks clearly. According to the company, the two operating systems are still in stages of development. This means that some apps or services might not work up to expectations. The data may not be compatible backwards. In order to be safe, the company recommends that all who are interested in the beta testing should create a backup for their iPhones, iPads or Macs and then proceed to download the beta version.

Refining the OS

The beta programs are being offered to developers and then to the public in order to help the company refine the iOS 10 and the Sierra, prior to releasing the same to the general mass. After installing the beta program, the software will automatically send data to the company anonymously. It might include information related to crashes, about third party software or hardware and other services.

New Features

The iOS 10 will probably become one of the most significant updates for the operating system till now. There are plenty of new features offered in the iOS 10. As for the Mac operating system Sierra, it is also now thrown open to the public for testing. Users interested in downloading the same will also have to enroll their Mac for this Beta program, before they can install Sierra.

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