Steam Summer Sale 2016 Evokes Mixed Reviews From PC Gamers

Steam Summer Sale

The Valve hosted event, Steam summer sale 2016 officially came to an end a couple of days ago but PC gamers are still discussing the topic. Majority of them are completely dissatisfied with the concept.

For the first time, Valve decided to make the Steam sale transparent and easy to access for most. Instead of pushing people to buy a game within eight hours in flash sales, they went for a more conventional approach. Any sale or discount announced for a particular game title will be there for the entire sale season. Even if you couldn’t buy one on the first day, chances are there to buy it a week later when you have enough cash.

Many PC gamers opined in forums and social media websites that the Steam summer sale 2016 was a bland experience. They had nothing to look forward to. All one has to do was look into their wishlist and see if the games they wanted to own had some good discounts on it. If not, there is no way it is going to change before the end of the sale. The pricing announced on the first day of the sale will be same always that irked them a lot.

Steam Summer Sale 2016

They opine as a group that the new sale was simply boring and there was nothing to look into every day. Most PC gamers also commented that they purchased less this year than ever because there was never an urge to buy it before the flash sales get over. Flash sales on the other hand annoyed a lot in the past because it had eight hours or so before the deal vanishes forever.

It was and is being considered as a cheap marketing trick according to many PC gamers. The other end of the group opined that Steam summer sale 2016 was much better because of the stable sales and didn’t annoy them as it used to. They admitted that they had time to make up their mind and buy only the titles that actually made sense. The mixed reviews continue to pour in and it may influence what Valve decides for the next big sale they host.

The organizers of the event should be happy because according to Steam Spy, they sold 33 million copies of game titles in 2015 which has bumped up to 36.8 million in Steam Summer Sale 2016. An impressive growth ratio without doubts.

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