Refurbished Apple iPhone 6S and iPhone SE Available for $100 Less

Apple iPhone 6S Refurbished

Apple recently started upgrading the existing Apple iPhone 6S and the iPhone SE from 16 GB to 64 GB for no additional cost.

If this offer was for existing customers, new buyers can pick up the Apple iPhone 6S and iPhone SE for a considerably bigger discount on the refurbished market. The Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus may be the latest highflying products from the Cupertino tech giant. However, the iPhone 6S and iPhone SE remain an extremely important alternative for those who cannot afford these new models.

Apple iPhone 6S Refurbished

For starters, the specifications of the iPhone 6S and iPhone SE may not make much of a difference unless the user is concerned with the best in performance and camera. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus offer the new A10 Fusion chipset which is quad cores and has substantially better performance, but this is only visible in areas of demanding tasks like exporting videos. In terms of the normal day-to-day tasks, this processor may not be necessary.The iPhone 6S and iPhone SE themselves offer an extremely powerful processor in the form of the A9 chip.

Considering that there is little difference in terms of design, one would pick the iPhone 6S and iPhone SE at a considerably bigger discounts compared to the new phones. Even if these discounts were not sufficient, it is now possible to go with the refurbished the line-up from Apple which will be $100 cheaper.

The new Apple iPhone 6S comes in at $549 for the 16 GB. Even though it is not highly recommended to opt for this variant, one can get this phone for just $449 in the refurbished line-up. Similarly, the iPhone SE comes in at $629 for the 16 GB variant and $699 for the 64 GB variant. These will be offered at$529 (savings of $100) and $589 (savings of $110). Considering that the iPhone SE almost has the same specifications as the iPhone 6S, it would be a great choice to go for the refurbished iPhone SE with 64 GB.

iPhone SE refurbished

Some of the few elements that the iPhone SE misses out on compared with the iPhone 6S are the large display and the 3-D touch technology. However, the iPhone SE has proven to be surprisingly popular showing that Apple was correct in foreseeing a demand for 4 inch smartphones even in 2016. The lack of the iPhone 6S in the 64 GB refurbished market would be a major disappointment.

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