Samsung Galaxy S8 to Undergo Testing from January; Samsung Orders Parts for Prototype

Galaxy S8 Testing

Samsung clearly focusing heavily on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8, which could be launched just ahead of the Mobile World Congress.

The fiasco surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is thought to be a major reason behind this decision. As a result, the Galaxy S8 could be one of the best smartphones from the Samsung stable in a long time. Apart from infusing this new device with a long list of features, Samsung is also thought to be working heavily on ensuring that it manages to retain customer’s faith in the company by being a much safer product.

Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 development has been heavily watched and there are several leaks and rumors about the various features on this device. It seems that the company is now gearing up to produce and test the device, as they have reportedly ordered the first part of parts from various producers. These parts will arrive in January and Samsung should start testing within a few weeks of doing so. Some players, however, can anticipate a much larger demand for the parts come February when the phone is expected to be officially announced.

However, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will not be available for purchase until March or April thus leaving the company with plenty of time to get around 10 million units ready for shipment. One of the main issues causing concerns among customers ahead of the Galaxy S8 is that Samsung has not yet found out the reasons for the Galaxy Note 7 going up in flames. Even though there were only about 30 odd reported cases from around 3 million units shipped, it damaged the reputation of the company quite badly. The revenues have also taken a hit with the Samsung expecting a drop of around $5 billion over the course of the quarter.

Galaxy S8 Testing

It may seem like a major hit for any company, but Samsung make profits of around $5 billion in every quarter and they are probably one of the few companies in the world who can afford such a big mistake. The mistakes, however, cannot be repeated if the companies to sustain sales.

Rumors are that the Samsung Galaxy S8 would come with a large 5.5 inch display as standard. It is expected to have a 4K resolution and powering this device would be a snapdragon 830 processor or the equivalent Exynos chip. There are even rumors about a dual camera setup on the device.

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