Renault Trezor Concept Model Launched at Paris Auto Show

Renault Trezor

Brand Renault has gone a step ahead and launched the highly futuristic Trezor concept car at the 2016 Paris auto expo.

The concept is lavish and a lot of features might be difficult to implement in the real world. However, Renault commented that they are planning to get them done one by one in their future cars. From all these concept models, it is evident that the year 2020 is going to be a breakthrough for automobile technology. Most brands will have electric cars by then with completely new design combined with highly autonomous driving technology.

Renault Trezor

“People are more likely to see the features from our concept car in future models. The new concept car we have unveiled stands proof as a freedom of expression and give buyers more choices to go for,” said Laurens Van Den Acker, corporate design chief at Renault.

The Renault Trezor has an aggressive c-shaped headlights mounted on a low slung body and an impressively long hood. While it does look similar to Porsche cars, the designers have distinguished it with different body architecture and slight bumps on the sides. The car uses 21-inch wheels in the front and the rear has larger 22-inch wheels. It gives a better ground clearance for the vehicle.

An impressive aspect of the car is the clamshell hood which can be used to completely cover the top of the vehicle. The car doesn’t have any front or rear doors making it difficult for someone to get out but it’s purely an individual choice. After all, people who buy sports car may not be concerned about these things but will give more importance to the overall style and substance.

On the inside, the Renault Trezor concept model is powered by an electric motor that can deliver 350 horsepower with 280 lb feet of torque. The car can go from 0 to 62 miles per hour in about 4 seconds. The vehicle also houses a regenerative braking system and cooling system in the bonnet which are already being used by Renault’s cars in the Formula E team. The best of the components is being used in it which should obviously push its price tag to the higher side.

Renault Trezor Concept rear

Buyers will also have some autonomous driving capabilities in the Trezor as Renault confirmed. By the year 2020, the team believes that they could integrate complete autonomous capabilities into their vehicle allowing passengers to enjoy hands off, eyes off driving experience.

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