Report: Another Samsung Phone Explodes – the Galaxy J5

Samsung Galaxy J5

Samsung is yet to find the cause of the exploding Galaxy Note 7, but it seems another case could be developing as latest reports claim a Galaxy J5 has now taken the same direction.

Sometimes back, a report came out claiming that a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge had exploded, however, this case was the only one to be reported. Now, there is news of a Samsung Galaxy J5 exploding after swelling up and catching fire.

This Samsung Galaxy J5 incident reportedly happened in Southwest France where a mother of three is the victim. Her 4-year-old son was holding the phone when it started swelling and eventually exploded and even though the incident is going viral, Samsung has yet to release any statement regarding the phone. As if to alleviate fears that another Galaxy Note 7 fiasco is cooking, Samsung has been quick to point out that the issues associated to this flagship are exclusive to the model.

This is the first time a Samsung Galaxy J5 has been reported to explode and even though Samsung says the exploding issues are only related to the Galaxy Note 7, it is hard to tell whether the latest happening is isolated. As noted earlier, a Galaxy S7 Edge was reported to catch fire, something that could mean Samsung has more to deal with than just the Note 7.

Samsung Galaxy J5

Up to now, the South Korean tech giant has now come up with an answer to what could be causing the Galaxy Note 7 to explode. Initially, it was thought the phone had a faulty battery. But after the first recall, it appeared that there more to this problem than just the battery issues. Now that more Samsung handsets are exploding, it could be something bigger than initially thought.

Just as a precaution, make sure you take great care when using your Samsung Galaxy J5 or any other Samsung Galaxy phone, at least until the company releases an official statement regarding this nightmare. Who knows, it could just be another isolated case.

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