Report: Apple iPhone SE May Pack a 4K Camera

iPhone SE

Apple is rumored to be working on a new, pint-sized iPhone SE and as it turns out, this phone might be more exciting than initially thought.

According to the latest reports, the upcoming iPhone SE will rock a 4K camera on the rear. This phone is expected to be unveiled by the company in an event to be held on March 21. However, as usual, Cupertino has not said a thing about this device or the camera that boasts 4K video shooting abilities.

Packing a high-end iSight camera is one thing that will for sure help drive the sales of this device up thanks to the fact that photography has become a very crucial part in the decision-making process of most smartphone buyers. If this rumor materializes, it means the new 4-inch smartphone will have the same camera capabilities as the current flagship – the iPhone 6S.

Apple Insider reports that Cupertino is planning to showcase the capabilities of this 4K camera in a promotional video for the iPhone SE. This is great news as it helps affirm the fact that Apple is indeed working on a smaller iPhone to take the place of the aging iPhone 5S. Since Apple never lets go of such crucial information to the public, even Apple Insider confirms that it is advisable to take this news with a grain of salt since it too cannot trust the accuracy of its sources.

iPhone SE

iPhone SE may be similar to iPhone 6S

Earlier reports had claimed that the iPhone SE will come with the same hardware under the hood like what the iPhone 6 packs. However, it seems the comparisons are getting closer to the iPhone 6S than they are to the 2014 flagship.

It has been touted that the small iPhone will come with a similar A9 processor that last year’s model packs as well as a 12MP rear camera. Apart from the 4-inch display size and lack of the 3D Touch feature, the iPhone SE might actually look exactly like the iPhone 6S. The main reason for its omission is because Cupertino wants to set some boundaries between its flagships and mid-range device.

Still, Apple wants every iPhone user to be able to use its mobile payment service. As a result, the iPhone SE will support NFC-based Apple Pay.

These being rumors, it cannot be confirmed whether Apple is really working on releasing an iPhone SE with these specs. However, doing so will make the differences between the phones very subtle.

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