Did Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Just Kill the Galaxy Note 6?

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The phablet Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge was released together with the smaller Galaxy S7 to the delight of many lovers of “large.”

Last year Samsung released two phablets – a Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Galaxy Note 5. Honestly, the latter is a device you will be happy to own thanks to the premium look it comes with and powerful hardware under the hood, leave alone the quality camera comes with.

While many out there are eagerly waiting for an even better Samsung Galaxy Note 6 that the company is expected to release later this year, it seems you may have to think twice before thinking about the next phablet. There seems to be a new phablet king in town and this is Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and it seems, this phone just put the last nail on the Galaxy Note 6’s coffin.

No one can disagree that the Galaxy Note 5 was a more than superb device. Given that Samsung has been using an approach that sees its devices gain incremental improvements with respect to internal components, we expect to see a Galaxy Note 6 that is even more powerful both in hardware and functionality than what the Note 5 brings to the table. However, the Galaxy S7 Edge seems to be spoiling the party for the phablet. Here’s why.

Size is a huge factor

These days, it is very hard to come across a Samsung Galaxy smartphone with decent specs under the hood and a sub 5-inch display screen. It seems the company is dwelling more on large screen devices from 5-inches and above. The Note 5 has a screen size of 5.7-inches, which is the expected size for the Note 6. With this size, you get lots of advantages with the huge display, however, the problem comes when handling. The massive size it comes with is with no doubt a problem to many, although Samsung packs the device with a feature that brings to life one-handed operations.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has a 5.5-inch screen, which is the same size that the Galaxy S6 Edge+ came with. With this change, it means the difference between the Galaxy S7 Edge and probably Galaxy Note 6’s display screen is 0.2 inches, which most readers will agree is insignificant. In short, the Galaxy S7 Edge poses as a direct competitor to the Note 5/6. The best part of the S7 Edge is that it can be used with one hand easily as it somehow feels smaller in the hand than the slightly larger Note 5. If multitasking is your thing, you won’t have any problems working with the Galaxy S7 Edge.

Some rumors are pointing towards a 5.8-inch screen size for the Note 6, but this is highly doubtful.

Performance is crucial

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge packs a Snapdragon 820 or Exynos 8890 chipset and a RAM of 4GB. This is an extraordinarily fast device, whether it’s multitasking, switching between apps, gaming or any heavy tasks, you got it covered. With China currently rolling out smartphones with 6GB RAM, there are also reports that Samsung Galaxy Note 6 might come in with a RAM of 6GB.

Maybe Samsung wants to change the Galaxy Note series into a tablet, but there won’t be really any need to move to this device if you already own a Galaxy S7 Edge.

Excellent design

The new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge takes after the Note 5 as far as design is concerned. It has a curved rear that makes it easy to grip in one hand. The curved screen edges also take this device to another level. It remains to be unknown the design language that Samsung will go with for the Note 6, but there is a doubt that it will outshine what we already have in the market.

Maybe what might make some people really want to get a new Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is the S Pen stylus. Well, not so many people make use of this accessory on their Galaxy Note 5. In essence, it makes little difference having a Stylus on your phone and not having it. The S7 Edge doesn’t have a stylus, but the Note series does. But will use it even if you don’t like it?

As it seems, the release of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has managed to render the upcoming Galaxy Note 6 quite useless, but who knows what Samsung has in store? We might be in for a huge surprise.


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