Report: Patron to Supply Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Iris Scanner

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

It is not the first time we’re seeing rumors to do with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 coming in with an iris scanner. However, it is the first time news of the possible supplier of the hardware to be used for this purpose is popping out.

Apparently, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 iris scanner will be supplied by Korean camera company Patron. The modules will be introduced on the company’s phablet for the first time, a feature that is expected to be a USP for the phone once it is released. The company has already availed a device that takes advantage of this technology to the market – a Samsung Galaxy Iris tablet – however, this device is only available to the Indian market, which only includes businesses and government entities.

The trademarks that the company has also received in the recent past are a huge indicator that the Galaxy Note 7 will indeed be coming in with an iris scanner unless the technology is being spared for the 2017 Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge. But usually, Samsung is fond of using the Galaxy Note series as a testing ground for most of its upcoming technologies and features, among other updates.

According to the latest reports, the entire deal of supplying Samsung with iris camera modules to be used on the Galaxy Note 7 has been handed to Patron. With this feature, users of the new phone will now have an extra layer of security thanks to the fact that it will be able to identify up to 266 traits as opposed to the 40 traits managed by a fingerprint sensor.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Rumors have it that Samsung thought of coming in with this feature back in 2013 when releasing the Galaxy S4, but due to the level of technology back then, this wasn’t feasible. However, the Korean tech giant feels that now is the right time to bring this feature and it’s going to use the Galaxy Note 7 as the first device to feature the technology, just like it has done before when introducing new stuff to its flagship line.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is expected to be announced on August 2. As of now, we cannot tell whether the company will release one or two Galaxy Note 7 variants. If the former, the dilemma continues thanks to the fact that we may have a flat screen or curved dual-edge variant. In case of the latter, you can expect to see both models – probably a Galaxy Note 7 and Galaxy Note 7 Edge.

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