God of War Director Talks On Making Kratos Different, Graphical Upgrades

God of War

Sony after years of waiting unveiled a new God of War game at the E3 2016 event.

The game was a far cry from what we expected because this time Kratos was roaming the jungle with a young boy supporting his combat.

Many complained that it looked very much like Last of Us where the young girl assists in combat and travels throughout the storyline. However, Kratos is an entirely different person who is supposed to be an angry god with amazing powers. The new God of War is set in a different world it seems where he is roaming many locations on Earth accompanied by the boy. The newest title is extremely new and looks a lot like Elder Scrolls Skyrim. The world is large and open while you can actually witness him fighting from his back, similar to many third person adventure games like Assassin’s Creed.

In the long gameplay video, Kratos continues to teach the young boy many nuances of fighting. He actually happens to be his son. Director Cory Barlogcommented that the lead character has a really bad history filled with monsters, gore and slaying gods. In the new game, he is trying to teach his son the right way to live and fight but also avoid the mistakes he did throughout his life.

God of War-E3 2016 event

“We had some confusions regarding Kratos and bringing him back as the lead character based on Norse mythology. However, God of Wars on PS4 is never complete unless it has him in the lead. When there is so many Mario games with Mario as the lead guy, there is no mistake in keeping him alive and kicking. The idea is to show the human side of the guy rather than posing him as a hulk who just destroys everything,” said Barlog.

He also talked in length about the kid who accompanies Kratos in most of his levels. Gamers won’t be able to control the boy because he will choose him own path. He will also take part in fights and specific actions can be done using controls. Sometimes, the boy will start firing at enemies so as to keep the battle going on. Kratos will have time to take all the enemies one by one.

The game developer clarified that God of War is not about teaching and building a new warrior but to simply make him a better man. Norse mythology will play an integral role in shaping the title.

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