Report: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Customers to Get a Free Galaxy S8

Galaxy Note 7

Just recently reports came in suggesting that Samsung has plans to offer huge discounts to buyers of Galaxy Note 7 if they’d be open to making the switch to next year’s Galaxy S8.

According to the report, Samsung was to allow cash discounts to any person who had bought a Galaxy Note 7 as long as they agreed to retain a Galaxy S8 or any other Galaxy flagship that will be released alongside the S8, probably a Galaxy S8 Edge or even Galaxy S8 Edge+. This wouldn’t be a surprise as the company is already offering incentives to try and make current Note 7 owners to switch to a Samsung device.

Now, in a new report coming from Korea, it appears that Samsung’s new compensation program will not just be giving out discounts for buying a new Galaxy S8, but it may also decide to offer the phone for free. If you have already taken advantage of Samsung’s initiative of exchanging a Galaxy Note 7 with a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge, you will simply walk into a Samsung-accredited shop and get a free Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Edge when it is here. The cost of the trade will either be free or you may have to pay a nominal amount, but this will depend on whether you only exchanged the Galaxy Note 7 once or twice.

It is still hard to believe such a report, but with Samsung looking for any possible route to try and make their unhappy customers happy again, such a thing is still a viable solution.

Galaxy S8

In another separate report, it is now emerging that Samsung’s hunt for the cause of the Galaxy Note 7 fires has led the company to an awkward position. Recent reports had suggested that Samsung engineers have already begun working on the Galaxy S8 firmware. However, it appears that the company has instructed this development team to stop their current work and help find the problem behind the Note 7 explosions. Apparently, this will lead to a delay of up to two weeks as far as the Galaxy S8 development is concerned. Whether or not this will also affect the release date of the phone is still unknown, but according to the report, it is unlikely.

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