Reports: Apple iPhone 8 Could Be Made Out of Single Glass Casing

Apple iPhone 8

Apple has been using metal as the preferred element in the design of the recent iPhones, but they could be going back to the glass body when the next generation Apple iPhone comes out according to rumors.

Catcher Technology has been the long time chassis maker for iPhones. At a recent event, Catcher Technology’s Chief Executive Allen Horng revealed that the 2017 iPhone will be coming with glass body. Horng admitted that going for a glass casing will be expensive while his own company has to rely upon advanced technologies to make it possible.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has been promising a revolutionary iPhone once again, but it appears that the iPhone 7 may just miss out on this aspect. There are not many design changes expected on the Apple iPhone 7, which will be launched in September. This does come as a surprise since the last major revamp in terms of design was with the iPhone 6 almost 2 years. Up until now, the company has been coming with major design changes every two years.

iPhone 8

One has to go back to the iPhone 4 in order to witness the major use of glass, but the application of the same material in the next-generation iPhone will be vastly different and hence more expensive. Samsung has come closest to pulling off the design, which is extremely challenging because of using a single piece for the complete device, in the Galaxy Note and S series. However, Apple will go a long way in terms of design aesthetics if they manage to make the iPhone from a single glass casing.

Apart from vast changes expected in the design, Apple also seem set to use OLED technology in the next-generation iPhone. Apart from providing significant changes in terms of efficiency, the use of this technology could also help provide an even better display to the iPhone. The transition to the OLED panels could help reduce the bezels even further. The Apple iPhone 8 could be the first feature ‘Edgeless Display’ if this is a reality.

It is highly likely that many of the revolutionary features may be put on hold for the next generation iPhone, which may be called as the iPhone 8. There are also suggestions that Apple could come with a third variant of the iPhone 7 – iPhone 7 Pro. The Apple iPhone 7 is set to be launched in September.

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