Rumors: Motorola Looking to Join Modular Game with MotoMods


It seems that Motorola are also keen on joining the race for modular supporting smartphones, as new leaked images suggest the imminent arrival of phones like the LG G5.

The LG device is one of the proper mainstream devices to support modules, which can be used to improve the device in several ways. Motorola was one of the first manufacturers to provide the ability to customize the device through covers with one of the most popular models being the Moto X.

The look and feel of the Moto X could be changed in numerous ways due to the availability of options like wooden back cover and so on. Motorola are looking to implement this philosophy into the heart of the device as well. The company will soon be coming out with back plates, which are about to be called as the MotoMods. They will be used to improve the functionality of the device. As of now, improving the camera and taking the smartphone to DSLR levels will be the big talking point.

Moto X

The LG G5 had some success in terms of the camera module available for the device, although it is still a long way away from being considered as a DSLR level photography. This, however, may change with the upcoming MotoMods.

Motorola has done well to conceal any league rumors about the MotoMods. Up until now, they have made the world media be immersed in rumors about the fourth generation Moto G and the upcoming Moto Z. The recently launched Moto G4 Plus has been receiving a lot of positive reviews. The Moto Z, meanwhile, is just a rebranded Moto X, but it may carry a number of new features over the current generation. It is expected to be available in two variants just as the Moto X Play and Moto X Style.

The LG G5 allowed the addition of modules using a detachable bottom end of the device. Motorola may have a differentapproach, as the leaked images suggest that the modules will be going directly into the rear of the device. Lenovo is coming up with a tech fest in the first week of June, but it is highly unlikely that the company will be making any announcements about the motives with regard to MotoMods. However, Motorola are expected to officially announce the Moto Z in two variants at this event.

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