Resident Evil 7 – A Perfect Blend between the Old and the New

Resident Evil 7 game

Resident Evil 7, the latest in this series is all set to make its presence felt on Xbox One, PlayStation VR and PlayStation 4 in early January 2017.

From the demos available, the key difference that this game sets for itself from its predecessors is that it is a first-person game. In other words, the gamer are expected to play the role of the pivotal character. While this has sort of upset Resident Evil fans, the current version sticks on to its horror theme. However, by switching over to first-person mode, the game presents itself in a slow and steady manner that is a typical trait of classic games. Also, most gamers are comfortable with this kind of gaming style. Based on a report from the PC Gamer gaming website, teasers tend to focus in depth on the various mysteries that the player will encounter in the course of the game. Another statement by the popular Forbes magazine mentions that the emphasis is more on the threats that the central character encounters Ethan Winters as he searches for his wife who has been kidnapped by John Baker, head of the Baker family residing in a bay area of Louisiana.

Resident Evil 7

The first video that was released shows the central character Ethan getting involved in a heart-pounding face to face boss fight with the evil Jack Baker in the latter’s garage. This video also shows a ringing telephone that Ethan answers. The caller gives no self-introduction but just tells Ethan that he should not have come to that place. The phone call that Ethan receives from a mysterious character that is in all likelihood a character from one of the previous Resident Evil series.Another video concentrates more on showing the different surroundings the protagonist will wander in the course of his quest. This primarily includes various parts of the plantation owned by the Baker family, anupsetting slaughterhouse and an old dirty and haunted manor. Evans is shown going around this building in the video. A trailer of Resident Evil 7 shows Jack trying to throttle some horrible looking food down Evan’s throat.

Storyline of Resident Evil 7

As Ethan explores the mansion, he sees Grandma Baker silently rocking herself on a chair upstairs. While she appears harmless then, she definitely has sinister plans as Resident Evil 7 progresses. Soon he enters a rec room that has an attached bar, hunting trophies and a pool table. The bar table has an analog television with a VCR connected to it but the central character prefers to ignore it. The central character’s explorations take him to a basement that he soon understands to be a slaughterhouse by the various things kept there as a result of failed . As he explores further, he bumps into Jack Baker who chases him with a shovel. The chase ends in a basement where the fight takes place.

Changes made to the Resident Evil 7 game

Codenamed the Twilight version and called Beginning Hour, the revised demo has many changes that appear to be quite subtle. But, they prove to be actually significant in the course of the game. The update not only offers new items to deal with, but also various additional areas for exploration. The following are some updates worth noting in the Resident Evil 7 game.

The picture of Baker couple above the fireplace has been replaced with a family picture of the Bakers. The members in the photograph comprise Jack, Margaret and their kids. To the right of the first room that Ethan enters when stepping foot into the mansion, there is a locked door that is completely infested by fungus. The player will hear a few whispers from the other side of the door followed by a violent shake. Everything comes to a standstill after that. In the revised demo, when the protagonist goes up the attic, there is a lot of sound. It gives the player a feeling of having walked through a wooden wall or wooden planks being dropped. This is followed by dust falling on to the floor from the ceiling. As the attic surveying continues, the gamer finds himself facing a collapsed wall leading him into a new area.

Resident Evil 7 game

The attic in Resident Evil 7 has a whole lot of new items. One among them is the key to the basement. Handgun ammunitions have also been kept inside some barrels for the first time. These barrels have to be broken to gain access to the ammunition. A celluloid hand that is a part of the dummy finger is present behind some broken televisions. There is a piece of writing with blood near the celluloid hand and the basement key. The writing reveals that five people were murdered although it is not known where the murders were committed. There are no clues that give pointers towards the graves.When the central character takes up his phone, he finds new conversations between him and a lady. Interestingly, the lady is unknown to the character and she does not reveal herself.

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