Facebook Tests a New Feature to Turn the Comment Threads into Messenger-Like Chats


There are times when the comment threads on Facebook posts can get really chatty and grow to be so long, that they basically turn into their own chat rooms.

It turns out that Facebook is testing a new change to help the users with that and try to basically turn the comment threads exactly into chats. There have been reports that a few users can now see comment reels that appear as persistently visible chat windows which pop up on their desktop versions of the social networking site, just like the traditional message threads. The users had started noticing odd changes wherein Facebook was notifying them of the comments that had been posted on to their posts in a small chat-like window which was tagged as ‘Your Post’ rather than the usual comments page.


Facebook Responds

Upon being questioned about the new addition, Facebook has also confirmed to TechCrunch, a tech-savvy website, that this new feature has been used for testing on the desktop versions only for a small number of users.

Facebook had reportedly responded saying that many people had requested the company to work on an easier way so that they could participate in the conversations on a particular post while staying in still without having to lose on the other important News Feed posts. So the social networking site is working on a new option which will open a window when there is a comment on the user’s post, or when there are replies to the comments, or even when the user has been tagged in the comments. The user will have the option to hide the conversation or even turn off the notifications at any point of time from the drop-down menu present on every post.

The main point of introducing this new feature appears to allow the users to respond to the ongoing comment threads without having to snap back and forth in between the News Feed and the posts, or switch in between the tabs. This is sure to add an additional a layer of convenience for users who keep commenting actively. However, it does get a little hard to see when it tends to become annoying real fast. If the user is someone who has many active followers, then a post on the network could practically bag in a myriad of all the ongoing chat notifications that will appear at the bottom of the user’s News Feed.

Changes in Comments Thread

To keep the feature from getting too tumultuous, a few changes have been made to the comment thread appearance too. So, now the message threads will appear to be minimized on the Facebook screen when a comment has been added by someone on a thread where the user has already commented on, unlike the overlaid message thread which is the current design. This new feature could still annoy a couple of people who are trying to make a hit with their News Feed browsing.

To Lure the Users Back

Apart from that News Feed browsing issue, this new savvy growth pro will probably help Facebook to give out a livelier feel and win over the users back into using the service. The new feature is sure to lure the users and keep them engaged with the chat windows making it a piece of cake to send out rapid-fire comments, which will, in turn, trigger the notifications for all the other users on the conversation thread. It is also likely to strengthen the position of Facebook in a chat by setting up the conversations in the Facebook Messages section which the people couldn’t have had on an SMS or on any other app.

facebook comments thread

It is however not clear if this new change will only affect the posts which have been made by the user or if it will also include those posts wherein the user has just commented on. Though the new chat windows do not pop-up automatically with all the new comments, there is a possibility that the additional notification badges could be kind of distracting.

Though this feature is still in its testing stages and out only for a couple of users, it might need a bit of refinement before it is out for the public, if it ever does see the light.

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