Resident Evil 7 is Properly Optimized for PCs with Fully Customizable Graphic Settings

Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 PC demo is now officially available on Steam.

The game has been properly optimized to run great even on low end computers and should probably offer best performance on 4K rigs. It has so many graphical settings to tweak with that shows a promising start for the new sequel.

Resident Evil 7

The new game titled Resident Evil 7 The Beginning Hour has an individual page on Steam. If you are planning to play the demo, you should head to the page and not the official page to download it. Capcom senior director William Bacon officially announced the news on the NeoGaf forums. He not only revealed the release time but also posted a screenshot and the graphical settings that will be available for PC gamers to make use of.

Demo version for the game is available from 4 pm PST in North America. The official launch date is December 18th in North America, Europe and most other parts of the world. The graphic options are extensive which is something not every game title can boast of. At the moment, one important feature ‘borderless window’ is not available but it will be added to the final version of the game. A bug related to the feature has forced the developers to disable it in the demo.

In terms of resolution, gamers can push Resident Evil 7 up to 3860×2160 and will support Nvidia G-sync. Monitor refresh rates up to 144hz are supported. PC gaming experience is never complete unless you have the best frames per second. The options include 30 fps, 60 fps and variable which you can choose based on your gaming rig. If you happen to have a low end PC, capping it at 30 frames is a good idea as it will ensure a smooth console-like gameplay experience with reduced graphics. The variable is also the uncapped option where you can push the game up to 90 FPS or even more based on how powerful your graphics card is.

Resident Evil 7 Graphic Settings

Other graphic tweak settings available in the game include texture quality, resolution scaling, texture filtering, anti-aliasing, motion blur, effects rendering, shadow quality, dynamic shadows, ambient occlusion and depth of field. For Battlefield like experience, the game allows features like volumetric lighting, lens flare, reflections and bloom effect.

With so many options, Resident Evil 7 The Beginning Hour is off to a great start on PC and should probably be ready to play in your region by now. Capcom has delivered a PC-worthy game and we will review it when it gets officially released.

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