Rumors: Samsung Galaxy S8 Could be a Replica of Galaxy Note 7 with New Upgrades

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung has had a really low year because of the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. However, the phone is easily one of their best except for the battery and its specifications might be replicated for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8.

One of the most important features that is going to be part of the upcoming flagship model will be the Iris recognition technology. It originally debuted with the Note 7 but as the said model didn’t pick up as expected, the company has planned to revamp the technology. A newer version of the Iris will be introduced and integrated into the phone. The brand has planned to make tie-ups with some of the top financial institutions and banks to allow people to use their phone for their Samsung Pass service.

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Another report claimed that the fingerprint sensor will be embedded within the touchscreen display. A similar claim is made for the iPhone 8 as well but Samsung may choose to keep the sensor on the back of the phone which will save space and allow them to integrate other technologies rather than trying to incorporate it into the touchscreen panel.

Samsung Galaxy S8

“The display panel is designed to be a touchscreen but using a fingerprint scanner within the same has proven to be inaccurate. All latest smartphones have a reliable scanner and Samsung Galaxy S8 might follow the same route by using a dedicated panel placed on the back of the phone for design aesthetics,” confirmed an article published on a leading technology magazine.

The specifications of Galaxy Note 7 is being promoted to its improved version and will be used in the Samsung Galaxy S8 flagship model. Apart from the Iris technology, the phone will also sport a display similar to the discontinued model. The overall dimensions of the phone will be very thin which will not only impress buyers but will also lead to decreased production costs.

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Two different versions of the flagship model are expected to hit stores. One of them will feature a smaller 5.7-inch display while a bigger 6.2-inch version is also rumored. While both these versions might sound too big to handle for some, it has become the norm in the smartphone industry and Samsung is definitely not going to go with anything less than 5.5-inches.

The Mobile World Congress 2017 is the big expo where Samsung will make the official announcement and the device will find its way to stores in the second half of next year.

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