Riffjam, the iOS App to Convert Video Messages into Melodious Auto-Tuned Grooves Has Arrived

Riffjam iOS App

Well, it is a known fact that the whole tech world is going on a spree of introducing everything video into their respective social-networking apps.

The tech giants are all working constantly towards making video the next big thing for the future. With the filters having arrived for the photo-taking apps, it is high time these filters make their way even to the video-based services. Riffjam is the first of its sorts to slap on a filter to video-messaging service.

Riffjam iOS App

Riffjam is one of the most innovative apps available on the iOS platform for the commoners. The app has been created by the makers of Jukedeck, a soundtrack generating app that works based on artificial intelligence. The users can now use Riffjam to add a filter or to add some stickers to a video message and make it sound like a sweet auto-tuned groove like a pro.

How it Works

Riffjam has taken adding of filters to an entirely different level by putting them across the video messaging service. All the users have to do is capture a short clip of a video and with the help of the Riffjam app they can apply audio filters that can auto-tune the voice in the video. The app then adds music to the auto-tuned filtered audio clip in the voice message and gives out a final audio product which sounds like a sweet looping track that the users can groove to.

Riffjam allows capturing a short video clip of up to 10 seconds, but a recording made of just a few couple of seconds seems to work better. Once the short video clip has been recorded, the users can choose from a wide range of audio filters and then leave the rest for the app to do its job of tuning the voice into a beautiful soundtrack. The users can then save this creation to the camera roll of their smartphone, or send it across to another Riffjam user, or just share it on any social networking site.

Though the app seems to be doing a stupendous job, it still needs a bit of work to be done on it. The catch, however, is that the users cannot tweak their footage in any possible way and they also cannot browse the Riffjam’s of other users. Still, it is an app which offers plenty of options that are fun to play around.

Riffjam Convert Video Messages

A Jukedeck official had reportedly told a tech-savvy website that the company had filed a patent for their novel algorithm which very well tackles with all the tricky challenges that involve handling videos of any length up to 10 seconds and enables seamless looping apart from generation of listenable melodies and rhythms, all from an unpredictable speech audio input.

So, if the concept of Riffjam sounds interesting, then it is the right time to grab it for a good time. The Riffjam app is available for the users to download from the App Store.

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