Rockstar Takes a Slightly Confusing Stance on GTA V Mods


When it comes to mods, Bethesda is a company that would never care at least mostly and allow gamers to make as many mods as possible.

However, Rockstar developers of GTA V and its parent company Take Two is not so interested that they decided to remove OpenIVmodding tool to stop modders.

The company released a post on its website clarifying what they are up to when it comes to supporting or banning mods. Rockstar wrote that after having a detailed discussion with their parent company Take Two, they have decided to allow certain mods to be implemented in the game as long as they don’t affect the intellectual rights.

Grand Theft Auto 5

Rockstar’s Note

“Our Take Two parent company has confirmed that they will not take any legal action against certain type of mods that tend to make use of the intellectual property we have created. Fan creativity is something we value at all times and third party projects can now be resumed without any legal issues. The only requirement is that all Rockstar games that are single player and non-commercial will be allowed to operate, as long as they respect intellectual property rights,” wrote the company.

Restrictions on Mods

Mods are supposed to be extremely user friendly and developers should allow them to run as they are. However, Take Two and Rockstar issued multiple notices on OpenIV based GTA V models. The company added that they are not targeting single player mods but if they would harass and imbalance the GTA Online experience, the company would take some severe actions against those developers.

Fans were extremely disappointed but despite the apology note and the promise to continue supporting mods, Rockstar has added a couple of restrictions and regulations which should be followed hereafter by all mod creators. Multiplayer games will not be allowed to have any mods in them. Any changes done to the tools, files or libraries which may have an adverse effect on multiplayer mode will be banned.


Any other IP related to Rockstar games should not be infringed or used to make revenue of any sort. The rule book is very large and provides so many restrictions that it won’t be surprising if most mod creators choose not to support GTA V and look elsewhere.

While Take Two and Rockstar has confirmed in another statement that Grand Theft Auto 5 will have mods as always, the results can be known only as time goes by and how the modding community supports it.

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