Rolls Royce Launches Vision Next 100 Concept Car In London

Rolls Royce Vision Next 100

The Vision Next 100 concept cars are rolling out from all the top automobile manufacturers and Rolls Royce has joined the bandwagon by launching their own concept car.

Almost all models that are part of the Vision Next 100 theme features autonomous technology. Automobile engineers believe that passengers will no longer need a steering wheel, brakes or clutch in the future. One can simply relax in the huge, cushioned seats while a large touchscreen display keeps them entertained on the go with movies, music and everything else they like. A similar approach has been initiated by Rolls Royce as well.

The model is known for its ultra-rich finish and the company always caters to the elite crowd. They have always had the best rear seats and things just got amazingly better with the new concept model. According to the designers, Rolls Royce Vision Next 100 concept car features a grand sanctuary in the rear seat and a personal virtual assistant to cater to the needs of the passenger.

Rolls Royce Vision Next -100

Everyone on-board will be given personal attention with speakers mounted close to them, connected to their smartphone devices and automation in the seats which can be adjusted according to the position a person likes to sit. The concept model showcased a rear end which can hold only two people at once. The company does have multiple cars under their sleeve and there will be four seaters and six seater models as well.

The virtual assistant in the concept car has been named Eleanor. It will take care of the driving as well as the comfort of the passengers inside. Rolls Royce has also launched an official video to show how their car would look and run on the road. You can take a look at the video below.

While automobile companies are eager to integrate electric motors and automatic driving into the cars, there are plenty of hurdles they have to overcome. In recent times, many passengers and drivers have complained that the car crashed in autopilot mode. Tesla cars, the pioneers of electric motors and self-driving models are also under the allegation. Such futuristic technologies can be implemented only when everything falls in place.

BMW, Ford and almost all top brands have released their Vision Next 100 concept car. BMW’s version created such hype in the automobile industry for its versatile tires and the autonomous design. Can Rolls Royce compete with it? They surely will in terms of luxury and comfort.


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