Why PS4 Neo Can’t Win Against Xbox Scorpio?

PS4 Neo VS Xbox Scorpio

Microsoft officially announced the Xbox Scorpio, the next generation console at E3 2016.

According to the company, the hardware should be able to run 4K games flawlessly while Sony never brought PS4 Neo into limelight.

While we really can’t comment on how well the Playstation 4 Neo console could perform without official announcement, there were some rumors that claimed it was meant for 4K videos but not 4K gaming. However, on the other end, Microsoft claimed that they could easily offer 60 frames per second with their Xbox Scorpio console. This is one important reason that may make the PS4 Neo lose against the Scorpio if Sony doesn’t change their strategy before the actual launch.

In the past, Sony had a similar approach which made their Playstation 4 console extremely powerful when compared to the Xbox 360 machine. The hardware was priced much higher than what gamers expected it to be. It led to a huge backlash which later subdued because of the power and the performance delivered by the Playstation 4. A similar situation could happen one more time. Pricing of the Xbox Scorpio would be much higher in order to cope up with the extremely powerful components that Microsoft plans to use.

Xbox Scorpio

If there is a negative factor about the Scorpio, it should be its pricing as it is not possible to offer such power at $400 or less as companies usually do. With both companies still keeping the information under wraps, it is difficult to come to a final conclusion. Based on last generation, we can comfortably say that the pricing of consoles are going to increase substantially so that they can offer enough power for next generation games.

Besides, a console launched now should be good for at least five years or so before it becomes outdated. The PS4 and Xbox One started showing its lack of hardware within two years leading to the shortest lifespan of the consoles in recent history.

Another advantage Xbox Scorpio has over PS4 Neo is the new cross platform play, cross buy system introduced by Microsoft. Players get to buy the game on one and receive it on their Windows PCs as well. Most exclusives are coming to PCs for the first time which changes the game in a whole new way. The company is expanding their horizon while Sony is still stuck within their ecosystem with PS Vita and PS3, outdated platforms to work with.

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