Rolls Royce Vision Next 100 Reveals Next Gen Automobiles

Rolls Royce 103EX Vision Next 100 front

Vision Next 100 is a futuristic dream of how cars could look like.

BMW built its own car with versatile wheels and a new design. Now, it’s Rolls Royce showcasing its own vision of the future with an impressive vehicle of their own.

Gone are the days when cars used to look futuristic and behave autonomously in the movies. Real everyday cars are now capable of auto piloting and runs on electricity. Gasoline is no longer an essential fuel for vehicles to operate. Rolls Royce is pushing it forward with their own Vision Next 100 concept car. The model carries all the characteristics of the brand such as its popular vertical grille, huge wheels and a long front hood. Changes found in the new model are gullwing single door design with rear rake and plenty of carbon fiber used to construct the model.

Rolls Royce 103EX Vision Next 100 rear

It is obvious that most future cars are going to rely on carbon fiber than metal because this material is versatile and even has the capability to change shape on the go to provide a comfortable ride. The gap between the wheels and the body is minimal. It is hardly visible similar to the formula one cars where the entire vehicle acts as a single unit. The new design should increase aerodynamic capabilities of the model.

“The Vision Next 100 from Rolls Royce is a dynamic vision of the luxury and mobility the future cars could bring to the world. The new range of cars will be personal, autonomous and most importantly effortless providing a grand sanctuary for its passengers combined with a grand arrival of wherever you go,” read a statement from the company.

A couple of teaser images of the proposed concept were released by Rolls Royce. They confirmed that in the near future when it gets launched, the car will be fully autonomous which gives them enough space to create a brand new interior. The model will get rid of steering wheel, pedals and gearbox allowing designers to focus entirely on passenger comfort. The center dashboard featured in the image has an analog clock. It could probably be a nostalgic touch when the world becomes totally reliant on touchscreen and virtual reality.

Rolls Royce also confirmed that the new car will use electric motors with a futuristic powertrain capable of delivering amazing mile range with reliable efficiency and performance. More manufacturers are expected to launch Vision Next 100 concepts of their own.

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