Steam Summer Sale 2016 Dates Confirmed, Begins Next Week

Steam Summer Sale

The big day is coming! Steam Summer Sale 2016 dates are confirmed and it commences next week according to a leaked document related to Paypal.

Ardent gamers should start saving money because it is one of the biggest sales this year. While Steam does have its sales spread throughout the year, the two big events take place in Summer and during Christmas. All the most popular titles will be heavily discounted this year as it has been throughout the years. Leaked dates are no big deal for the Steam community. Every year, just before the big announcement takes place officially, some vendor or gamer manages to find the exact date.

Steam Summer Sale 2016 commences on June 23rd according to the information released by Paypal. The online money transaction vendor plays an integral role in the sales because every year players use the website to make credit card transactions. Obviously, the company witness historic exchanges during this period as millions of players around the globe use its services on a daily basis. The information was officially reveled on their Twitter handle by an over enthusiastic representative from the company.

Steam Summer Sale 2016

Paypal has managed to reveal the right dates many times in the past. The big deal about Steam Summer Sales 2016 is thatit hosts all the best games at amazing packages. The only problem is that many events that took place in the past had so many micro deals, timed sales and discounts on titles picked by the crowd. It leads to confusion among buyers. Let’s hope it’s a completely different sale this year and more transparent than it used to be.

Game bundles also make Steam Summer Sale 2016 exciting where you could go for Ubisoft or EA collection. There will definitely bea Modern Warfare Bundle, Assassins Creed among other popular franchises. It is easy to make guesses at the moment but a consolidated report will be available once the sale begins.

Every year, gamers complain for having to spend hundreds of dollars on these sales as they tend to empty their pockets on titles that they may never play. Steam is one of the best gaming platforms yet it also makes people collect games that they don’t actually need at the moment. Despite all these complaints, it is evident that you just can ignore those games when they are being offered for $1 and $5. Get ready for some mind blowing sales one more time.

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