Rumor: Apple iPhone 7 to Offer Fast Charging Similar to OnePlus 3

Apple iPhone 7

The next generation Apple iPhone is all set to arrive in the next few weeks.

There have already been numerous leaks and rumors about the device over the last few months. Of late, mockups have also started coming through and they have all but revealed the final design of the phone if history is anything to go by. For all the rumors and leaks over the last few months, one aspect that seems to have been missed from the tale is fast charging. Fast or quick charging has become a standard element on almost all high end smartphones running on android, while it is starting to trickle through to the mid-range as well.

Hence, it makes sense that Apple would also include this feature – just like many of the features that it has borrowed from android phones in recent memory – in the upcoming iPhone 7. The current generation iPhones come with a 1A/5W charger. The phone has always had average battery life with only the iPhone 6S Plus capable of boasting an incredible battery life. One of the reasons for the iPhone having decent battery life is the operating system’s efficiency, which still remains unparalleled. However, being able to charge the device faster offers a significant advantage since the company will also be able to reduce the battery size.

Apple iPhone

Dash charging on the new OnePlus 3 remains the most effective fast charging technique seen up until now. The OnePlus 3 ships with a 5V/4A charger which provides a large amount of electric current rather than pressure to charge of the phone quickly with little or no side effects like overheating. A new rumor from a Chinese manufacturer claims that the upcoming iPhone 7 will have a technology similar to the dash charging. It claims that the new device will ship with a 5V/4A charger for as impressive charging as the OnePlus 3.

The iPhone 7 is also expected with dual cameras at the rear, although the exact application of these two cameras remains a mystery yet. The phone will have the same 4.3-inch screen size for the standard variant and going up to 5.5 inches for the Plus models. Apple is also not about to offer significant design revamp for the iPhone 7. The major design change is not expected until the Apple iPhone 8, which is rumored to offer OLED panels over the current IPS panels, arrives to the stable.

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