Rumor: Google Pixel 7 Tablet to Come with Two Variants Featuring Android Nougat and Andromeda OS

Google Pixel 7

Not so many saw the change from Google Nexus to Google Pixel phones that recently happened coming despite the fact that 2015 had already witnessed a Google Pixel C tablet come to life instead of a Google Nexus tablet.

Since the launch of the 2014 HTC Nexus 9, expectations have been high that the Google Nexus 7 2013 will also be refreshed, but nothing has happened so far. Instead, the company came in with a Pixel C tablet in 2015 and as for the Nexus 7 tablet, there have been plenty of rumors and speculations surrounding the device, none of which has yet to materialize as at the time of this writing.

While there have been talks of a new Google Nexus 7 2016 tablet, the fact that the search engine giant already introduced a Pixel-branded tablet in 2015 could also mean the next-gen 7-inch tablet will also be branded a Google Pixel 7 tablet rather than Nexus 7. To add weight to this speculation, the Nexus brand of phones is no more and instead, we already have two Google Pixel phones, an indicator that Mountain View is no longer interested in marketing or rather selling its products with the Nexus brand.

There have been talks of two variants of the Google Pixel 7 being in development – one powered by the new Andromeda OS while the other will be based on the proven Android OS. In fact, the former OS is reportedly being tested on the 2014 Nexus 9, although it has yet to be made official just yet. Rumor has it that the said Andromeda OS, which brings together aspects of Android and Chrome OS, will be the OS to power future Google devices ranging from smartphones to laptops.

Google Pixel 7

While none of these details regarding the supposed Google Pixel 7 and Andromeda OS have been confirmed by Google, experts are adamant that the two will be launched together, probably before the end of 2017. In fact, it is rumored that the new Pixel 7 tablet should be here in time to take on Apple’s iPad Pro 2, which should also be launched this coming year.

As noted, a lot of these details are based on speculations and rumors that Google has yet to confirm, meaning that anything can happen contrary to the mooted details. Nonetheless, we expect that the search engine giant will still be able to debut a new 7-inch tablet to take the place of the 2013 Nexus 7 this coming 2017.

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