Rumor: LG G6 may come with the Google Assistant like Pixel and Pixel XL

LG G6 with Google Assistant

If you thought the only association that the upcoming LG G6 will have with Google is about the Android 7.0 Nougat OS that is expected to power it out of the box, well, there is a new surprise for you here.

According to the latest reports, the flagship LG G6, which should be announced at the upcoming MWC 2017 tech show, may come with the Google Assistant integrated into all of its functions, similar to what the search engine giant did with its Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones released last year.

This development comes from South Korea, LG’s home country and as it is, this move is not just meant to bring one of the best features of Google to the G6, but also to strengthen the company’s business ties with Western powerhouses like Google itself. In the past, LG and Google have worked together and in fact, it seems this partnership is set to continue with an upcoming launch of Android Wear 2.0 smartwatches as well as reported Android One phones in the U.S.

LG G6 with Google Assistant

The Google Assistant is an AI-based digital assistant that comes in to compete with the likes of Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana. Unlike the rest, Google has been pushing Assistant hardest into the market, with the Google Home having already joined the party while several set-top boxes and smart TVs are also expected to ship with this feature in the near future. Now that LG G6 is reportedly joining the party, it is easy to say that Google truly wants its Assistant to be at the heart of all Android devices.

LG has already confirmed that its MWC 2017 attendance and in fact, it has an event scheduled for February 26, a day earlier than the scheduled kick-off date for the main event. It happened last year with the launch of the LG G5 and so it shouldn’t be anything strange for a repeat of the same this year.

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