Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S8 to Feature Dual Camera and UHD Display Screen

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge

It has been rumored on more than one occasions that Apple is working on a dual camera setup for the upcoming iPhone 7 Plus.

The story has also been somehow the same as far as the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is concerned, but there is now something new coming in with respect to dual camera configurations, but this has nothing to do with the aforementioned flagships.

Apparently, Samsung will continue its tradition of using the Galaxy Note series as a testing ground for its upcoming updates and new features. It seems the South Korean giant is planning on debuting next year’s Samsung Galaxy S8 with a dual-camera setup, something similar to what it is planning for the Galaxy Note 7.

It is kind of a surprise to see so much talk about a Samsung Galaxy S8 handset that is not expected until next February. However, this has been catapulted by the recent unveiling of a UHD display screen that is rumored to be meant for the next Samsung flagship, which is probably not the Note 7. If the latest word on the street is to be believed, Samsung Motors (Semco) will reportedly be at the heart of supplying Samsung with the camera module.

Samsung Galaxy S7 has already been praised for its camera quality. While there are some experts pointing towards a similar camera configuration as far as the Galaxy Note 7 is concerned, the latest reports indicate that the Korean company will indeed make the jump next year.

4K UHD resolution

Another feature to come out of the leaked information is that Samsung Galaxy S8 will also pack a 4k UHD display panel, thus dropping the 2K QHD display panels that have been in use since the Galaxy S6. With a resolution of 2160 by 3840, the Galaxy S8 will be able to offer the best when it comes to virtual reality as well as augmented reality, two fields that are steadily gaining traction across the globe.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge

One problem with such a massive screen on the Galaxy S8 is that battery consumption will definitely be high. As a result, you can expect Samsung to pack a huge battery unit in this phone, probably more than the 4000mAh used in Samsung Galaxy S7 Active.

Samsung Galaxy S8 is also tipped to come with a much more enhanced Snapdragon 830 SoC – a chip that will be based on the 10nm FinFET process. The result of this process is that the SoC will be more powerful and even more energy efficient than the current Snapdragon 820 SoC. With rumors still rife that the Galaxy Note 7 will pack a RAM of 6GB, it is possible that the Galaxy S8 will come with a similar RAM amount.

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