Rumor: Xiaomi Mi 5C to come with a Pinecone V670 Chipset and 4500mAh Battery

Xiaomi Mi 5C

Earlier this month, reports surfaced with claims that the Xiaomi Mi 5C will be unveiled very soon powered with an in-house Xiaomi Pinecone processor.

Up to now, these are still mere rumors, but more of them are coming in, adding weight to what we already know. Apparently, the Xiaomi Mi 5C has been codenamed Meri and in fact, the phone has already made an AnTuTu appearance, thus giving out some of its specs. Previously, it has been rumored that the Mi 5C will ship with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 SoC, but according to the latest reports, the story is quite opposite.

The report, which comes from China’s Weibo, claims that the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 5C will be powered by the company’s in-house processor known as Pinecone. Although there is no confirmed name of the processor in the new leak, there are more details that probably reveal the name of this processor. Apparently, the Pinecone chipset to power the Mi 5C will be an octa-core paired with a Mali-T860 GPU and 3GB RAM.

Not so long ago, we reported about two rumored Xiaomi Pinecone processors that are currently being worked on. There’s a 10nm flagship chipset known as Pinecone V970 and a midrange variant dubbed Pinecone V670. According to the report, works on the latter are already done but the former is not yet ready, probably until late this year. The report claims that the V670 is an A53 octa-core with the same GPU mentioned in the latest leak, which all but points to a Pinecone V670 processor for the Xiaomi Mi 5C.

Xiaomi Mi 5C

The phone will have 64GB of onboard storage and as usual, you’ll meet the MIUI OS on board, probably with Android Nougat out of the box. The rear camera is said to come with a 12MP Omnivision OV12870 sensor paired with another 8MP Omnivision OV8865 sensor on the front shooter. To keep the phone alive will be a monstrous 4500mAh battery unit, something that would make it the largest in the entirety of Xiaomi’s smartphone repository.

Keep in mind that these are mere rumors and not anything from Xiaomi, to be sure to take them with a pinch of salt.

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