Rumored iPhone 8 Leaked Photo Shows an All Screen Front, Close to Final Design

Apple iPhone 8 new look

The story continues to mount higher and the newest leak from one of the most trusted sources on the internet suggests that the next Apple iPhone 8 could indeed sport an all screen front with no sign of metal or plastic.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and the S8 Plus were the flagship smartphones that pioneered the idea of a long device without any buttons in the front. The smartphone manufacturer was audacious enough to take the plunge to remove the finger print sensor from the front and extend the display on the sides. Going by the leaked render, it looks like the next generation iPhone 8 will sport a similar design. However, the big difference is that it looks very stylish especially with an armored case covering the fragile body.

Apple iPhone 8 wireless charging

Going by the new trend, it looks like the end of 2017 is going to be all about the battle of bezels between the new Apple phone and Google’s rumored Pixel 2. Both these phones will compete against the Samsung offering. But, surprisingly the companies are not trying to increase the battery size, add wireless charging but are competing to remove the bezels completely so as to give a completely stylish front end look. It kind of makes the phone tough to hold and use unless you have a cover on top of it.

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The iPhone 8 photo was posted online by Evan Blass that reads March within the display which suggests this render is an old one and could have been done months earlier. The authenticity of the image is further confirmed by Mark Gurman who suggests that Apple is indeed interested in staying ahead of the competition by focusing on bezels. They don’t have plans to add a button embedded within a touchscreen because a lot of technical issues surround it and it might take time before such innovations are brought in.

Apple iPhone 8 evakas

By removing the bezels, the phone obviously has to implement the touchscreen sensor at the back and it will be tough to reach if the phone is too large. So far, Apple has been making iPhones compact and easy to use. Going by that trend, the iPhone 8 may not be too long and will be slim to hold as its predecessors making it easy to reach the fingerprint sensor when needed.

Rumors continue to drop in and with the month of September close by, it won’t be long before Apple sends invites to the media for the grand iPhone 8 launch.

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