Music Lovers Rejoice! Spotify App Officially Lands on Xbox One Console


After waiting for years, one of the most popular music streaming service Spotify is now available on the Xbox One console.

Microsoft made the announcement officially and confirmed that they have worked closely with the original developers to add a lot of unique features to make the experience seamless.

When it comes to gaming, there are so many occasions that you could enjoy a melodious number or a death metal track in the background. The feature has often prompted game developers to provide an option within the game to reduce in-game music, so that you could listen to your own collection. Xbox One gamers were devoid of the immersive fun for a long time until now as Spotify is now available as an app to download.

Spotify xbox one

Combine it with the new user interface provided in the dashboard and you have a winning combo. It is now easier than ever to pin the app to your dashboard and access music as soon as you switch on the console. With the new additon, players will now be able to listen to their own collection that they have saved in the Spotify app and play them in the background while smashing through hordes of zombies or simply enjoying the scenic beauty in open world adventure games.

According to the official statement, Xbox One consoles in 34 different markets had now received the new Spotify app. It should cover almost all top regions including USA, Japan, New Zealand, Australia among other top countries. The Xbox team added that they have their own playlist curated by Major Nelson himself while players can do check out playlists created by popular gamers and other indie artists.

The Xbox controller can be used as an input device to access the music you like. It works for both free Spotify users and premium subscribers. Additionally, gamers will be able to control the music that is playing on their Xbox One console using phones, tablets and the desktop app. While this may not drastically change the way you game, it still is a worthy and a very important addition to Xbox One console. The dashboard is becoming much better with every passing day, with lots of new updates and intuitive features to make it the complete entertainment box that Microsoft originally aimed it to be at launch. The new dashboard UI is still in its beta and expected to be available after thorough testing by the insiders community.

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