Rumored Samsung Galaxy S8 Accessories Start Showing Up

Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 is still months away but nothing is stopping rumors and speculations from showing up from basically all corners of the internet.

The 2017 flagship has been in the limelight lately, especially since the MWC 2017 event is coming in fast, with the date set for February 27. This is the same event that Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to be announced followed by an official release a couple of weeks later.

Now, according to Samsung-centric website Sam Mobile, the accessories for the rumored Galaxy S8 have already begun showing up. Since the days of Samsung Galaxy S3, each Galaxy S handset has always been accompanied by a bunch of accessories. It happened with this year’s Galaxy S7 and it will also be happening with next year’s S8. But it seems Samsung has something else besides the usual stuff – an Alcantara leather-made premium cover. There is very scarce information available about this accessory, but we should know more very soon.

Like the Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S8 is also expected to come with accessories such as the Clear View Cover, LED View Cover, S-View Flip Case as well as a Keyboard Cover. The Clear View Cover is currently priced at $59.99 and as the name suggests, it is a translucent cover that will let you see time & date, alarms as well as all notifications such as texts, incoming calls and so on. The cover will also let you pick calls and even send texts. As for the LED View Cover, you need $69.99 to get one. This one gets an LED-embossed soft leather and will also keep your S7 safe from dust and scratches.

2017 Samsung Galaxy S8

Like the Clear View Cover, the S-View Flip Case is priced at $59.99 and even though it is no different from a regular cover when it comes to the work it does and general touch, it has an extra feature that lets you access your phone’s functions. The Keyboard Cover also comes in the same price category, but you will end up with a Galaxy S7 that almost resembles a BlackBerry handset.

Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to debut with some or even all of these covers, but there is more. Apparently, a new Samsung Gear 360 Pro will be making its debut with the Galaxy S8, coming to succeed the Gear 360. When it comes around, expect better quality in terms of image and videos. Also, don’t be surprised if Samsung Galaxy S8 shipped with a 2600mAh battery dock.

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