Apple iPhone Shutting Down Randomly – Get Free Battery Fix – Check Out Eligibility at Retail Stores

iPhone Battery Replacement

If users of iPhone devices find that it is shutting down randomly, there could be some battery related problems.

6S users can get a free battery replacement from Apple, so find out if you are eligible and get the free fix.

iPhone Shutting Down Randomly

Free Battery Replacement

Apple has offered information that the iPhone 6S, which was released last year, could be facing problems causing the smartphone to shut down randomly several times. Apple has given a statement in its website that it has discovered that a few of the 6S devices are shutting down unexpectedly. According to the company statement, there is no safety problem and the issue only affects smartphones that fall within a particular range of serial numbers. It is a limited number and applies to those devices that were manufactured from September 2015 to October 2015.

Apple’s Free Offer

The company also goes on to state that if users have experienced this problem, they can visit the retail store of Apple or any authorized service providers. They can get the serial number of their smartphones checked out in order to confirm the eligibility of replacing the batteries, without any charges. If you have a 6S phone that is showing up this problem of randomly shutting down, Apple will fix the battery problem for the device free of charge.

No Online Checking

However, it is regretted that Apple is not allowing the users to check out the serial number of their smartphones online. Thus, it is not possible for users to tell whether their phones are covered by the free scheme or not, till they go to the local provider or the Apple retail store.

Take a Trip

If your device is showing the above mentioned issue and if you have purchased the Apple iPhone 6S smartphone some time in September or October of 2015, it might be worth the effort to go to the Apple store and check out the eligibility of the device for the free fix. However, users must know that wireless carriers are not taking part in this free offer program.

Important Steps

Before users hand over their devices to the retail store for free battery replacement, they must back up the data to iTunes library or to the iCloud. They must also turn off the Find my Phone feature. It is suggested that users erase all the data and the settings by going to Settings and General and then accessing Reset and erasing all the content and the settings on their 6S device.

Other Damage

If the smartphone has any other damage, such as a screen that is damaged, this problem has to be first rectified. This is because a damaged screen could create problems while replacing the battery. There could also be some costs pertaining to the repair, though the battery replacement is said to be a free fix.

iPhone Battery Replacement

Cause of the Problem

According to AppleInsider, a technical blog, the problem with the 6S device could be due to users charging the device with plugs that are unofficial, rather than going in for the Apple brand. According to the source, all the devices showing the issue have been examined and it has been noted that all of them were being charged usually with unbranded chargers.

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