Rumored Sony Xperia F8331 Will be Named Xperia XR, Launch Date Set for IFA 2016

Sony Xperia XR

It is probably not the first time you are hearing of the Sony Xperia F8331 smartphone, a device that is believed to be a flagship from the company set to take the place of the Xperia X Performance, which has less than a few months in the market.

It will be a surprising move for Sony to come in with a new device when the current flagship has not even reached other markets. But still, the latest reports are adamant that the upcoming phone, which has finally received a possible name believed to be the Sony Xperia XR, will be announced at the fast-approaching IFA 2016 event.

With the release of the Xperia XR, Sony will now have stepped up their 2016 smartphone count to five, following the release of the initial 5-inch models that include Xperia XA, Xperia X, and the premium X Performance. There is also the Xperia XA Ultra, which is a 6-inch phablet that followed the announcement of the three handsets.

If any of the leaks and rumors are to be believed, Sony Xperia XR will be coming in with a new design language. For the first time, there are curvy edges on a Sony Xperia smartphone. The display panel is also covered with glass. The rear part also comes with significant differences, especially with the placement of the LED flash. Looking keenly will also reveal a separate partition on the lower end, something could mean another modular smartphone is on the way, but this is just a rumor for now. Still, with the device expected to come with an all-metal design, the partition could be meant for the antenna bands.

Sony Xperia XR

Sony will include a USB Type-C port on the Xperia XR handset, but this doesn’t mean you won’t be able to use your favorite headphones like with the case of other handsets that are making the full transition to USB-C connectivity, be it for audio listening, data transfer or battery charging. In case you didn’t know, if this indeed materializes, the Xperia XR will actually be the first Sony handset to come in with USB Type-C connectivity.

As for the rest of the specs sheet, it is rumored that Sony Xperia XR will come with a screen size of 5.1 inches. This will be a Full HD panel with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. With its massive 21MP and 13MP snappers on the back and front respectively, the Xperia XR will not only be capable of delivering great photography, but users of this device will also enjoy 4K video recording capabilities.

The IFA 2016 is expected to take place this September, which is when Sony will probably spit out the details of this Xperia XR or simply Xperia F8331.

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