Latest WhatsApp Free Download has a Hidden Emoji


WhatsApp rolls out more than two beta updates each week, but this usually affects Android users, where the app has quite a huge following, especially when looking at the over 1 billion downloads the Google Play Store has recorded with respect to this Facebook-owned chat app.

The major reason for coming in with these numerous updates is to keep the app updated with the most recent features, including adding the ones that are most relevant to the current situation or even event. For sports lovers, it is time to turn attention to the upcoming Rio 2016 Olympics. The event will be graced by some of the greatest athletes from all over the world and to help you join the fun from wherever you are, WhatsApp has something special for you.

After updating the app with the ability to zoom in and out of videos when recording, send large emojis as well as improve on the loading times of chats in general, WhatsApp has reportedly added a hidden emoji that has everything to do with the upcoming Rio 2016 Olympics. If you update to the newest version of WhatsApp, you will be able to send your friends an Olympic rings emoji, something that should be a welcome for the millions who are ready to tune into the event from their homes and even those attending live from Rio, Brazil.


Those using WhatsApp on Android will have the easiest time to reach the Olympic ring emoji on their phones. This is because it is located on the keyboard, right where the emoji are. But for those on the iOS version, there is no option of using the same on the phone app, instead, using WhatsApp Web will do the trick. The Olympic rings emoji is located in the sports section, which shouldn’t be hard to locate and use.

Remember, this feature will only be available for WhatsApp Web users who have updated their iPhone app to the latest v2.16.7. The recipient of the rings emoji must also be using the latest version in order to receive it.

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