Rumors about Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Leak with Iris Scanner Feature Excites Users

Iris Scanner

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge received a warm welcome from smartphone users worldwide.

This is the reason why this series sold more compared to its predecessor during its first month launch. However, the expected game changer in the smartphone industry will be Samsung Galaxy Note 6 which is rumored to be launched earlier than expected.

Just like Samsung Galaxy S7, this new phablet will receive IP 68 certification.  Previous Samsung Galaxy note series doesn’t have this feature which makes it the first of its kind to receive this certification. This mobile device can be submerged up to one and a half meter under water for 30 minutes.  And just like Samsung Galaxy S7, one may use it on extreme weather which makes it very useful during emergencies.

Of course, that’s not the only surprising update about the new Samsung Galaxy Note 6. It is rumored that it has iris scanners for stronger phone security. GalaxyClub  found out that the company has imported “iris cam” from South Korea to India via Delhi Air Cargo with a description that states that it is to be used for Samsung mobile phones. Many fans assumed that this technology is being tested and may become an added feature for this wonderful phablet.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Iris Scanner

If Samsung does add an iris scanner to Samsung Galaxy Note 6, it will definitely outrun iPhone when it comes to security feature. As we all know right now, many iPhone users around the world are nervous about their phone security after the FBI was able to unlock data from a terrorist’s iPhone. If Samsung is trying to improve phone security by testing new features such as iris scanner, we can also assume that they are trying to strengthen their phone’s security.

Another speculation about the new Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is that it features 5.8 inch and uses Android Marshmallow OS although there are rumors that it might actually use Android N. It is also said that the new smartphone has 6 GB RAM. The assumption was based on an earlier statement made by the company when they mentioned how it is possible for a smartphone to have up to 6GB RAM. However, since the company is trying its best to keep on the lead, some expect that the company might actually release the phablet with 8GB RAM.

Since the company is currently mass producing 256 GB memory chips, most fans of the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 are expecting that this will be used in Samsung Galaxy Note 6 enabling the mobile device to store huge volume of data.

With its 30 MP primary camera and 16 MP front camera, Samsung Galaxy Note 6 users can take pictures like a pro. Other expectations about this mobile phone include Foldable Display feature and fast charging technology.

These are all assumptions on the web which means that until Samsung releases Note 6 in August, we will never know whether we can find these features in the new Samsung Galaxy Note 6. But if all assumptions are correct, everyone will be looking at smartphones in a whole new perspective.

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  1. Finally; The needs of the power users are being served by Samsung. For many it will more or less replace their PC’s.

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