Google Nexus Security Updates Released – Things You Should Know

Nexus security update

Google, as part of its promises to make the Android ecosystem more secure, has released the security updates for the Google Nexus devices.

The release of security updates was announced through a security bulletin that also mentioned the list of security issues addressed by the security updates released this month.

One of the major security issues addressed by the April security update was the flaw that would allow execution of a code on the affected device through different methods such as web browsing, MMS, email, and even while processing media files. Google has mentioned that it has informed all its partners about the security issues and patches that would be released to the AOSP repository. Since the publication of problems could be further misused, Google has asked all Nexus users to install the security updates to fix the vulnerability as soon as possible.

Other manufacturers have agreed to follow the steps of Google and offer security patches for their own devices. Details of the April Security updates and what changes can be expected by the Nexus users have been mentioned in the Nexus security bulletin. The April security update has been released only for Nexus smart phones and tablets.

During the release of Android 6.0 in October 2015, Google had mentioned about providing monthly security updates to patch any vulnerabilities in Android Marshmallow. The February and March security updates were small and quick but the April update was a major security release as it has many important updates to make the Android ecosystem more secure and stable.

Google Nexus

When Will the Security Updates Arrive?

As per the reports by leading technology dailies, the security updates are available since 4th April and Google has also released factory images for those who would want to install the updates manually. Google has also announced that the Nexus line of devices will continue to get major security updates at least two times in a year.

The updates take just a few minutes to download and install, and the process is quite simple and easy. The March update had lead to Bluetooth issues in some devices. The April Nexus updates are expected to resolve these issues.

People intending to follow the path of downloading updates manually need to head to Google’s Factory images website and download the latest software. They are also advised to read the instructions carefully and follow them. Kindly note that following this route of updating will erase everything on your Nexus device. So the best way is to wait for OTA updates in  your region, and install them in 2-3 minutes when available.

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