Rumors: Apple iPhone 7 to Come with 256 GB of On-Board Storage

Apple iPhone 7 to Come with 256 GB

Apple are widely expected to come with several improved features on the upcoming Apple iPhone 7.

The device is reportedly set to be launched in the next few weeks with deliveries starting from the middle of September. Due to a recent hit in terms of sales, Apple has to come up with something special in terms of the new Apple iPhone 7. The phone is expected to have improved camera, improved performance, and an improved the design. Most of all, though, users will appreciate the 16 GB version going away from the listings completely.

The lack of expandable storage means that the 16 GB version of the iPhone is fast becoming obsolete. It is highly anticipated that the Apple iPhone 7 will make the 64 GB versions as the base while the 128 GB version will be a middle of the range option. These point out to the availability of 256 GB of storage as the higher end version. Evidence of Apple working on the 256 GB version of the iPhone 7 came several months ago. One of the compelling evidences has come about recently with several flash storage manufacturers increasing prices of their products several fold due to a large demand. It only points out to the iPhone 7 offering a 256 GB version which is being made in large quantities.

Apple iPhone 7

Only back in March, Apple came out with the 9.7 inch iPad Pro carrying a similar capacity of storage. Even though most of the rumors have predicted the availability of this large amount of storage, it is not clear whether it will be reserved only for the iPhone 7 Plus. The standard iPhone 7 could offer 32 GB as its lowest on-board storage in order to keep prices low. Apple cannot afford to increase prices even more since it would favor competition like Samsung, who now have a great product range following the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

One of the best-known rumors about the upcoming Apple iPhone 7 is that the device will have two cameras at the rear. Several mock up units have all but confirmed the presence of this feature without detailing about their specific use with regard to the iPhones. If the next iPhone does come with 256 GB, it may be the priciest iPhone available till date. The starting price of the next iPhone is expected to be around $800.

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