Upcoming Moto Z Play Design and Specifications Leaked

Moto Z Play Design

It is very clear that Motorola will come with a new Moto Z offering to enhance the line up even further.

Launched a few months ago, the Moto Z has received a lot of positive reviews for being the best representation of a modular phone. The high-end device was capable of accepting a number of modules so as to improve the feature set. Aspects like camera and battery life could be improved while the phone also supported new features like being able to project the phone’s content with an inbuilt projector. Now, the Moto Z line up is all set to receive the Moto Z Play.

The phone has been captured in a few leaked photos, which suggest that it will have a new design theme going on. The regular Moto Z looks like a proper high-end device with its metallic finish in the rear. The Moto Z Play seems to be going for a glossy finish, although the material used does not seem to be clear from the leaked pictures. The phone comes with the trademark Moto Mod pin connectors in the rear of the device. The square home button with a fingerprint sensor and a protruding rear camera are some of the clear indications that the Moto Z Play has a lot of common elements.

Moto Z

Compared to the Moto Z Force and the Moto Z, the upcoming Moto Z Play is likely to be filled with lower specifications. The screen size is rumored to be at 5.5 inch but it will not have the Quad HD resolution. Instead, 1080p resolution will be offered on this screen and it should be just about be sufficient for good levels of detail. The snapdragon 625 processor will make the Moto Z Play on par with phones like the Moto G4 Plus in terms of performance. This is especially true because the phone is also expected to have only 3 GB of RAM – again the same quality offered on the Moto G4 Plus.

The major advantages of this phone may be the rumored 3300 mAh battery and 64 GB of storage which is expandable. It is not known whether Lenovo is prepared to launch the Moto Z Play in the United States. The level of detail available in the leaked pictures and specifications show that it may not be long before the phone gets an official launch. Its availability in the US will become clear by then.

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