Rumors: Apple iPhone 7 Plus May Not Have Significant Changes in Design

iPHone 7 +

Apple is not expected to make significant changes in terms of design of the upcoming iPhone 7 Plus.

The model is expected to be launched in the next few months and could be very crucial for the company. The recent quarter saw Apple register the first dip in terms of iPhone sales. Apple CEO Tim Cook recently claimed that the next iPhone will offer some extraordinary new features. However, it seems that a new design will not be amongst the list if reports are to be believed.

The alleged rumors are as a result of a video claiming to show the outside shell of the iPhone 7 Plus. This reveals one of the worst kept secrets that the next iPhone will be without a headphone jack. Every rumor has predicted that Apple will do away with the 3.5 mm jack and this seems to be the truth indeed. Instead of the headphone jack, users will have to use the Smart connector in order to listen to songs. This overhaul will be similar to the lightning port, which has since been well-received.

iPhone 7 Plus

The camera on the iPhone only recently received a major update on the iPhone 6S Plus, which featured a 12-megapixel camera. However, this is an area where the iPhone 7 Plus will be radical by coming with a dual camera setup. The spacing provided on the top left corner of the rear panels seems to come from the same. It remains to be seen if Apple will play with 3-D rendering of images, which was almost perfected on some HTC devices a few years ago.

Optical zoom is on the wish list of many users, but it may be a long shot.

The presence of the Smart connector in the rear panels suggests that Apple will provide the ability to add real accessories to the iPhone for the first time. This will open a door of possibilities since pairing keyboards and external speakers will make the iPhone feel like a miniature iPad.

Incidentally, the iPhone 7 Plus will be similar to the predecessor in terms of dimensions. The phone is expected to retain the same camera bump, although slightly bigger than before, as a result. It is also possible that the leaked pictures maybe that of the iPhone Pro – a third variation of the iPhone 7 in addition to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

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