Rumors: New OnePlus 3 Version Set to Arrive Due to Lack of AMOLED Panels

OnePlus 3

The OnePlus 3 has been the true flagship killer in many ways.

Launched at a price of less than $400, the phone has been so popular that OnePlus has simply been incapable of meeting the demands in various parts of the world.For example, the United States has seen waiting periods of the device extended to 2 weeks. The soft gold version of the OnePlus 3 came out a few weeks ago and stocks have already been sold out. Such is the immense popularity of the product, but being unable to meet the demand has also been down to production issues.

OnePlus 3

It is the rumored that the company has been unable to meet the demand sincethe company has not been receiving AMOLED panels. The OnePlus 3 has a 5.5 inch display with AMOLED technology for the first time. The delay in receiving the panels has been attributed as one of the primary reasons and OnePlus is reportedly contemplating the possibility of switching back to the LCD displays in order to overcome this issue. Even though the OnePlus 3 is only a few months old, fresh rumors have surfaced that the company will be coming out with an updated version of the device.

One of the major differences would be the LCD display panel, but OnePlus are keen to make up for this downgrade by improving the phone in aspects like resolution, processor, and battery life. Rumors suggest that the phone may offer a 6 inch display rather than the 5.5-inch screen. The camera in the rear would also be eliminated by filling the back with battery. Even though dash charging offers an incredibly quick way of getting through the day, the phone does suffer from less screen on time when compared with competitors.

OnePlus 3 AMOLED Panels

The current OnePlus 3 offers a snapdragon 820 processor along with 6 GB of RAM. The company has managed to overcome the RAM management issues that plagued the first few models with a simple software update. The upcoming OnePlus 3, which could be called as the OnePlus 3 Plus or even the OnePlus 4, is expected to sport a snapdragon 821 processor. This new processor is not expected to provide a major bump in terms of performance and it is only likely to be a small incremental increase. It remains to be seen if OnePlus can maintain the pricing of the device at the extremely attractive $399 even with these additions.

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