Rumors: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 May Offer Only 3500 MAh Battery

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

It has been rumored that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7 would come with a mega 4000 mAh battery for outstanding battery life.

The rumors seem to be based on the fact that the phone will have a slightly larger screen size than the current generation model while improving on almost every aspect like processor and RAM. This increases power requirement of the device and opting for a larger battery will always be welcomed by users. However, latest leaks – which can be far more reliable – suggest that the phone will come with a much more common 3500 mAh battery.

The leak has been revealed in an information page about the phone, which was given out to the public by South Korea Telecom. Other aspects of the device which are quite clear from the leak are that the phone will come in at 169 g, which is slightly lower than the Galaxy Note 5. The current generation model weighs in at 171 g. The dimensions of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 are also extremely good at 73.9(W) x 153.5(L) x 7.9(H)(mm). The display size has not been revealed by the leak, but it does confirm that the phone will come with QHD resolution only.

Galaxy Note 7

Current generation smartphones from Samsung have been adopting QHD resolution in a huge way. Even though Sony came out with the world’s first 4K smartphone, it is yet to go mainstream. Many were hoping that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7would be a device that achieves this shift. Instead, Samsung has decided to play it safe with the Galaxy Note 7 since a 4K display will have meant additional pressure on the battery. The 3500 mAh battery is expected to be good enough for a day or even more. This is exactly what the current generation Galaxy Note manages and it would be considered far enough by many.

Samsung has an officially confirmed that the S pen on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will have even better features than the one seen on the current generation phone. Almost every feature of the S pen has been extremely useful for a large section of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users. One can expect more of the same when new set of features are announced for the upcoming phone. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be officially unveiled on August 2 as confirmed by a leak about the teaser.

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