Rumors: What HTC 10 Says About the Upcoming Google Nexus 2016

HTC 10 and Google Nexus 2016

Google Nexus 2016 is expected to come at some point this year, but as usual, the search engine giant will probably unveil the phone later in fall.

Despite there being an awfully long time before the next Nexus smartphone is released, rumors about this phone haven’t stopped doing rounds all over the web. These rumors have strongly linked HTC to the manufacture of at least one Google Nexus 2016 phone or if worse, a tablet.

As mentioned, this is still a rumor given that other sources are pointing towards a continued union between Google and Huawei. Nevertheless, the recent announcement of the HTC 10 could actually have some reflections on what the company might have in production as far as the Google Nexus 2016 is concerned. While this might present a perfect opportunity for the Taiwanese company to regain its position in the smartphone industry, it cannot be assured that HTC will indeed behind the creation of the Google phone.

Many Android fans prefer to have Nexus devices due to the desire to use stock Android OS over the tweaked ones as well as the fact that Google avails software updates to its devices first. It is, for this reason, this could be a make it or break it deal for HTC, especially after it failed drastically with last year’s HTC One M9.

HTC 10 and Google Nexus 2016

HTC 10 is now official and there is no doubt the phone packs state of the art hardware, features as well as specs, among other things. One highlight is the continued development of the UltraPixel camera technology that promises even better photography. HTC also trimmed down the Sense to give the 10 an almost stock Android experience. The phone’s design is even better and HTC well-known for its prowess when it comes to designs, it might even get better with the Nexus 2016.

During the launch of HTC 10, the Taiwanese tech giant mentioned that the minimal bloatware and almost stock Android experience was as a result of a close working relationship with Google. With this in mind, it is possible that this relationship could go well into autumn with an HTC Nexus coming out. Who knows, HTC could have probably picked a few tips and tricks for reworking the Sense UI during its close working ties with Google as far as the Nexus 2016 is concerned.

The last time HTC “worked closely with Google” saw the Nexus 9 tablet released. With HTC 10 already proving to be a top 2016 flagship, the prospects of having an HTC Nexus smartphone this year are exciting.

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