All the Rumors on the Xbox One E3 2016 Hardware in One Place

Xbox One E3 2016

While it is evident that Microsoft and Sony are not going to actually launch any next generation consoles yet, a significant upgrade is expected for these platforms at the E3 2016 event.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, scheduled to go on floors this June, has generated a lot of hype, because Sony has confirmed that they are going to launch the PS4K console. Even though, it is not going to play any games in 4K resolution as computers do, the hardware upgrade will allow most developers to deliver exclusive titles in 1080p resolution with 60 frames per second. When they are coming up with something big, Microsoft has to make the Xbox One matter at the event.

A bunch of rumors are floating online and we have collected them all for your convenience. The Xbox One is going to receive some amazing hardware upgrades at the E3 2016 event. A new version of the console is the biggest and most interesting rumor of them all. It will be at least forty percent smaller than the existing model with an all-new design. While the designers are planning to make it look compact, they are going to make it more powerful on the inside. The new Xbox One will sport a spacious 2 TB hard disk. So far, gamers were limited to 500 GB and 1 TB drives making it tough to have multiple AAA titles installed at once.

Xbox One E3

Microsoft has also planned to release a modified version of the controller. It may not be groundbreaking as the Elite controller, but will have some minor changes so as to make it easy to use. The slimmer console can be known as Xbox Mini. It is a tentative name for the console, but that doesn’t mean the company has to call it that way. The model is just slimmer than the existing one and packs some new components to deliver better power.

Newer apps and Cortana support are heading to the existing Xbox One console. It will be carried on to the newer versions of the platform. Microsoft didn’t wait for the E3 2016 event scheduled to take place next week. Rather they decided to announce Cortana integration now. It is an obvious marketing choice as the brand probably has more exciting announcements for the gaming expo. The features announced this week will be exclusive to those who signed up for the preview program and later to everyone else.

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