Samsung and AT&T – S7 Active from Galaxy Goes Carrier Exclusive – Unafraid and Robust

Galaxy S7 Active

Rugged Version

The Korean company and AT&T revealed that the new S7 Active would be exclusive to the carrier AT&T. The Active version is the rugged variant of the S7 and though the internals remain the same as the flagship phone, it has a more robust outer shell. The S7 as well as the S7 Edge have both been in the market for some months now. The phone is being offered in three colors of Sandy Gold as well as Camo Green and an additional Titanium Gray.

Specs in Short

The S7 Active from Samsung is powered by the Snapdragon, 820 chip and comes with a RAM of 4 GB. The internal storage is 32 GB and it is expandable with the use of a microSD card. The screen is 5.1 inches in size and is a QHD type, which is also resistant to shattering. This is because of an additional polycarbonate layer. It has a battery of 4000 mAh, but this also adds to the bulkiness of the phone. There is a fingerprint scanner in its home button and this is the first time this feature is seen in the sub family phones.

Durable Design

The phone is more robust and comes with a durable design. It also boasts of IP68 rating and is waterproof. Those who are interested in adventure or wish to have a sturdier and more reliable phone can take a look at this one.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active

Launch by AT&T

The carrier AT&T will launch this device beginning from June 10th and the monthly prices will be the same as that for the S7 Edge. Those who opt for the Next plan will have to pay $26.50 per month for a period of thirty months. The Next Plan will have a bumped price of $33.13 per month for a period of 24 months. There is no two-year type of contracts any more, so the only option is to go for these two options. In the previous year, the carrier had offered $199 and a contract for two years, but AT&T this offer is no longer available. You can buy it from the carrier outright on June 10th or opt for these plans. The carrier is also presenting all buyers with a free smartwatch, Gear S2. The Tab E from Samsung is also being offered at a price of $0.99 along with the S7 purchase.

Date of Release

It was well known that the Active version would be released this year as well; so it was only a matter of time. As for 2015, the version was released on the 12th of June, so it was expected to repeat this year as well. However, this time it is two days earlier, as the carrier, AT&T have informed that it is a carrier exclusive phone to be offered from 10th of June.

Bottom Line

The S7 Active is the same as the S7, though it comes with some noteworthy additional features. The phone is not a premium one and is not as elegant as the S7, but it is shatter proof and strong.

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