Samsung Blocking YouTube Parody Videos on the Note 7 Debacle – Note 7 the Butt of Internet Jokes

Note 7

Samsung has filed some copyright claims on YouTube videos showing parodies on the Note 7 Debacle.

Video Parodies

Several gamers have uploaded modifications of Grand Theft Auto V game with the parody showing sticky bombs being switched using the Note 7 phones. Samsung has blocked these tubes and filed copyright complaints, according to recent reports. However, the company has not made any response to requests from BBC regarding the subject. Critics are of the opinion that blocking gamer videos can only end in drawing additional attention to the Note 7.

Parody Videos on the Note 7 Debacle

Note 7 Recall

As everyone is aware by now, the Note 7 was recalled from all users and they h are being given phones in exchange. The Note 7 is also being discontinued, as some of them had caught fire.

Butt of Internet Jokes

The Note 7 debacle has been the butt of Internet jokes from the time of the first explosions in September this year. A GTA V modder turned the Note 7 into a grenade within the game. However, Samsung does not see the humor in the modder’s parody and have filed the copyright infringement claims for showing it on YouTube. The Korean company has requested YouTube to remove all such videos on grounds of copyright infringement.

Blocking the Mod

Samsung has made use of the tools available on YouTube  and reported the video. However, the tools present on the YouTube are not meant for such reporting. They are generally meant for reporting a video or an audio that is posted against copyrights. The gamer has used the Note 7 in a video game mod and using this Samsung has filed its complaint.

Copyright Infringement

One of the videos on the Modded Games in YouTube has been viewed more than a million times, but has now been taken down. The channel operator has published a statement with YouTube, whereby Samsung Electronics, America along with Paul Hastings, a law firm, have made a copyright infringement claim. However, Samsung has not communicated with the channel operator in any way.

However, the video was restored on the channel again, when the latter filed another counter claim. Some other videos that feature the game mod have also been brought down due to Samsung’s copyright infringement claims.

GTA V Video

The video shows characters hurling the Note 5 at the pedestrians or at cars in a typical way seen in the game Grand Theft Auto. The video h mod has been seen by viewers and downloaded several thousand times.

Note 7

Other Videos

This is not the only instance where the Note 7 has been the butt of Internet jokes. The Note 7 has been shown as an incendiary phone in many other videos as well. Since all viewers from over the world are aware of the Note 7 explosions, there is no point in chasing all these videos. Samsung has probably realized it and the company surely has more important matters to think about right now.

DoctorGTA is another channel claiming that the company has placed restrictions in his account and he is no longer allowed to stream live.

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